2019 Volunteer Project – Bridging Lanka

Image source: Bridging Lanka

2019 Volunteer Project – Urban Improvement in Mannar

To Architects for Peace Community Members:
This year, as part of our commitment to support pro bono work, we are supporting the development work undertaken by Bridging Lanka. In the past we have had some volunteers working with the Bridging Lanka NGO and we have also attended a information meetings in February this year.
For more information, please check the website and/or contact Steve Dunn (details in the webpage)

Who is Bridging Lanka?
Bridging Lanka is a not-for-profit community development organisation operating in the northern Sri Lankan district of Mannar where it has its office and ‘in-country’ team. Bridging Lanka harnesses the resources of international volunteers and expatriate Sri Lankans to benefit the people of Mannar, Puttalam and Kandy Districts.

Bridging Lanka supports a range of projects responding to social, economic and environmental issues in these communities. More information about Bridging Lanka, its objectives, programs and projects can be found at the Bridging Lanka website.