Call for Volunteer Assistance: Ligingi Community Learning Centre

Ligingi Village
Call for Volunteer Assistance to A4P members and friends in Uganda for the Ligingi Community Learning Centre- Tororo District, Eastern Uganda
Architects for Peace are working with Ligingi Community Learning Centre (LCLC), a not-for–profit, community based organisation located in Ligingi Village, Tororo District, Uganda
We are calling on our international network of members and friends to assist the architects for peace pro-bono team, and the pro bono architect (this role has not yet been appointed) with contextual information. The project is in its preliminary stages: we are currently reviewing the project brief and an expression of interest for a pro-bono architect will go out in the next couple of weeks.

Your experience of working within the Ugandan context, and knowledge of local culture will assist us and the pro-bono architect in understanding the particular sensitivities and regulatory requirements in Uganda. Your local knowledge on specific planning and building legislation, budgetary information and other contextual/cultural issues arising from working in Uganda will be invaluable in understanding the context and designing the project.

If you are based in Uganda, or have worked in Uganda in the past and have knowledge that you would be willing to share with the architects for peace pro-bono team and the pro-bono architect, please get in touch: