Rebuilding bushfire affected communities

Arch-peace pro bono services:

Our thoughts and condolences go to all those affected by the bushfires in Victoria as we share in a deep sense of sadness for what has occurred. Architects for Peace is committed to assisting communities in Victoria’s fire-affected areas.

Arch-peace Pro Bono Services has successfully operated on a community-driven (rather than top-bottom) approach, with community groups contacting us to initiate a project. We anticipate that this service may be able to play a part in the recovery process ahead, in conjunction with the action being taken by NGOs to identify areas of need and the individual offers of help that have begun to emerge from the industry.

Architects for Peace Offer of Assistance

The Architects for Peace Pro Bono Team

Pro bono service policy now available online - Download here!!

With important information for community groups in need of pro bono services, and built environment professionals interested in providing them, our pro bono policy is now available for download. Please click the link above to access the document.