Ligingi Community Learning Centre – Latest Update May 2012

Land Secured!   First Maps produced!    Site Analysis!

There have been some significant developments for the Ligingi Community Learning Centre (LCLC) project through April and May.
LCLC Co-founder and Projects Director, Dennis Obel spent April and May in Ligingi Village consulting with the community about the LCLC project. Dennis and the team have been successful in securing land for the project, which is a very exciting development in the realization of the LCLC! The land contains an existing building.

Two volunteers, GIS specialists, Darious Kajjo and assistant South Korean Jung-Min Lee  were engaged and assisted the LCLC Committee and Village members in mapping out major sites around the village.  The information gathered and the preliminary maps that have been produced will assist those unable to visit the project site/village in gaining an understanding of the village context, while also acting as a record of the place. The village community were directly involved with the collection of the data.

Architects for Peace made contact with one of our members living and working in Uganda, Nina Hamilton. Nina is currently based at the University Martyrs as a guest lecturer and was able to meet with Dennis while he was in Uganda. Nina led a small team of students from the university to the site in Kampala to conduct a Site Analysis of the Village and the land.

This information will be helpful in gaining an understanding of the site and its context. Both the site analysis information and the mapping information will be collated to form part of the Project Brief, which is currently being drafted. 


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