Project Updates - South Sudan Education Project

The Australian Good Samaritan College Project addresses two major challenges in South Sudan; improving the quantity and quality of female school teachers and encouraging girls to remain in school and obtain a formal education. It is estimated less than 1% of girl's complete primary school in Sudan and after more than two decades of civil war the College is an opportunity for women who are returning home, to train locally, obtain new skills and receive an income.

The AGSC site is located in Wau, South Sudan. The project brief was to provide facilities for a women's learning centre focusing on training primary and secondary school teachers. The college will include eight classrooms to accommodate two-hundred students, adjoined to operational facilities including administration offices, kitchen and dining facilities and office space for teaching staff. It will also provide boarding facilities for approximately one hundred and sixty students, making it possible for women to reside on campus and eliminate long journey's home everyday.

The master plan is derived from the inside out. The meeting hall is the heart of the college functioning as the main gathering space for meals, assemblies and activities. The courtyards are designed for smaller informal gatherings offering shade, intimacy and familiarity. The built form is orientated towards the meeting hall and is bound by a continuous verandah to maintain access all year round.

The Rufisque Women's Centre, Senegal is a benchmark project for its architectural clarity, as well as its integration of local and recycled building materials.

A water tower is located above the kitchen to store rainwater for drinking, amenities and irrigation depending on rainfall. The service facilities are located outside the building ring including parking facilities, a security office, an orchard and vegetable garden. The entire site is fenced to prevent wild animals from entering.

The master plan allows for the construction to be staged over time depending on available funds and any potential future expansion

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